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Seann Dikkers
Director - Gaming Matter 

Ohio University
Patton College of Education
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Seann Dikkers is an assistant professor in the Educational Technology division of the Patton College of Education at Ohio University. Formerly Dr. Dikkers served fourteen years as a middle school teacher, high school principal, and education consultant. Now he researches, writes, and shares the usefulness of digital media for teaching and learning as the founder and director of Gaming Matter. His books, Real-Time Research, Mobile Media Learning, and the forthcoming TeacherCraft: Using Minecraft in the Classroom are helping teachers integrate innovative technology into classroom learning.


Jeff Kuhn is a student in the Educational Technology division of the Patton College of Education at Ohio University with a focus on games for language learning. Jeff taught EFL in Japan and served in Peace Corps Mongolia as a teacher trainer before receiving his MA in Linguistics.  Recently, he worked as a consultant on the U.S. Department of State’s Trace Effects, a video game for English language learners around the world. Jeff has presented on the use of games in the classroom at E-Tech Ohio, TESOL, and CALICO, His research interests include: Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), games and learning, and second-language writing.

Chris Hawks is currently a graduate student at Ohio University pursuing his PhD in Instructional Technology.  Additionally he is a full-time chemistry and physics teacher in a K-12 school and teaches a middles science methods course for Ohio University.

Beverly Kee Beverly E. Kee, is a native of Flint, Michigan where she received her primary and secondary education. In pursing her passion for higher education, she received a Bachelors of Science from The University of Georgia  in “Instructional Psychology & Technology Training”, and a Masters of “Adult Education”  at Central Michigan University. She taught at Gwinnett College of Business for three years.  Presently she is a first year PhD student in Instructional Technology at Ohio University Athens, Ohio. 

Jeff Kuhn
Research Lead - Minecraft in the Classroom

Beverly Kee
Grant Writing

Chris Hawks
Research Lead - Learning Management Systems

Ryan Rieder Ryan Rieder is pursuing his PhD in the Instructional Technology division of the Patton College of Education at Ohio University with a focus on technology and language learning. Previously, Ryan taught EFL in Izmir, Turkey and Aleppo, Syria and Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) at Ohio State University. As a graduate student at Ohio State University, Ryan earned his M.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures with a focus on Arabic and Islamic studies. During his time as an undergraduate student, he majored in History with a focus on the Middle Eastern

and Russian histories. Also during his undergraduate years, Ryan studied Arabic

at the University of Los Angeles California (UCLA). His research will include integrating technology with language learning.

Ryan Rieder
Project Lead - Mobile Media Development

Dr. Patrick O’Shea is currently an assistant professor in instructional technology at Appalachian State University and an educational consultant working on Augmented Reality and Distributed Learning educational initiatives (e.g. student-authored textbooks written collaboratively with wiki technology). Before that he held a post-doctoral fellowship in learning technologies at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, where he directed the Handheld Augmented Reality Project. This project aimed to evaluate the educational applications of augmented reality technologies. O’Shea has professional experience working with educational technology, assessment, and program evaluation. He has taught online and in face-to-face settings and consulted nationally and internationally on educational projects, including working for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Africa and as a Fulbright Specialist in Sri Lanka.

Patrick O’Shea, PhD
Appalachian State University
Assistant Professor
1057 Autumn Harvest Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23464
(757) 262-8836

Abednego Kofi Bansah comes from Ghana and is currently a Doctoral student in the Instructional Technology program at Ohio University. He obtained his Masters degrees in Human and Resource Management and Food and Nutrition from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana and Ohio University in the USA respectively.  He has vast experience in the hospitality industry. Currently, he is an Instructor at the Department of Restaurant, Hotel and Tourism’s Introduction to Food Preparation Lab, a division of the Patton College of Education at Ohio University. He is also facilitates the Introduction to Nutrition online course with the Department of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness which is a division of the College of Health Sciences at Ohio University. His primary area of interest is food security and its impact on the family and the community, Sustainable Gardening, Distance and Adult Education, and eLearning.

Abednego Kofi Bansah
Chair - Gaming Matter Playful Learning Summit

Amirah Alkhawajah is an instructor in Educational Technology at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. After her two-year career as a teaching assistant there, she decided it is time to pursue her education in the field. She earned her Master's degree in Computer Education and Technology from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, and eventually earned her spot as an instructor at King Saud University. During her time as an undergraduate student at King Saud University, she majored in Computer Science with a focus on Education. Amirah is currently a PHD student in the Instructional Technology program at Ohio University.

Amirah Alkhawajah
Researcher - Learning Management Systems

Reese Jones Reese Jones homeschools her niece, Shiloh, for three years now. She’s always in a constant lookout of the latest EduTech services from Gaming Matter, and Edudemic; to make home learning as conducive as the classroom experience. She loves to try educational and gaming apps such that she can share and enjoy them with her many nephews and nieces. When not busy playing with the little ones, Reese can also be found writing about the latest gadgets and tech news. She also regularly contributes to TechieDoodlers. You can also follow her on Twitter @r_am_jones.

Reese Jones
Freelance Writer